#16 – Don’t Worry…

Brian & guest co-host Andrew Brown from The Happy Hearthstone podcast discuss the Boss Battle Royale Tavern Brawl, imminent card changes, mana curve, and much more!

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Deck Strings for decks mentioned on today’s show-
Brian’s Spelljammer Token Druid: AAECAbSKAwJfh84CDkDtA+YFxAaFCOQIhsECmNICntIChOYC1+8Cv/ICwfMC3/sCAA==
Andrew’s Bomb-an Shaman: AAECAaoIBrIG/eoCp+4C7/EC7/cC6voCDIEE/gXwB5MJ+wyRwQLHwQLR4QLi+AK8/ALx/AKJgAMA
Andrew’s Flark Hunter: AAEBAR8Gxw+G0wKA8wLh9QLv9QKggAMMlwiUD+AP080C3dIC0eEC4PUC4vUCufgC4vgC9v0CiYADAA==

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