#19 – Beware of Shark

Kevin & Brian dive into this week’s Tavern Brawl and comment on a half dozen of their favorite revealed cards from Rastakhan’s Rumble!

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Deck Strings for decks mentioned on today’s show-
Brian’s Lenscrafter Paladin – AAECAcOfAwbcA/oGognCzgLj4wKk5wIMRowB9AXPBq8H3Qq4xwLYxwLt0gLW5QL57AL8/AIA
Kevin’s Aggro Control Warlock – AAECAcn1Agww8gW2B/kM08UCws4Cl9MCnOIC2+kCw+oCy+wCnPgCCfcE3gXCCMrDApvLAvfNAvLQAojSAujnAgA=

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