#25 – Specialists Wanted, feat. Maplemeow!

Hearthstone streamer and pro manager Maplemeow fills in for a sick Brian to talk with Kevin about the Hearthstone Masters announcement, what it means for casuals looking to break into competitive, and much more!

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Decks mentioned in today’s show:

Maplemeow’s Spiteful Priest: AAECAa0GBpAC4QTyBYoHysMCoM4CDAiNCPIMmcgCyssCzswCy+YC/OoC1+sCifEC3oID6IkDAA==

Kevin’s Wall Priest: AAECAa0GCNwB+ALWCsLOAvHqAr3zAtD+AqCAAwvlBNEK8gzRwQLKwwLlzALo0ALj6QLy8QKXhwPYiQMA

Brian’s Even Hunter: AAECAR8ChtMCzfQCDo0BxwOHBMkE2QfrB4EKjsMC39IC49IC6uYC9uwCuvYCyfgCAA==

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