#32 – Buff ‘Em Up, Nerf ‘Em Down

Kevin and Brian have plenty to talk about this week, including card nerfs, card buffs, clockwork brawls, and The Rise of the Mechs!

Oh, and they talk about The Great Dalaran Heist too, eventually.

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Decks mentioned in today’s show:

Brian’s Beast/Heal Rogue Deck: AAECAYO6AgSG7AKggAOvkQOSlwMNjALtAqgD8wz27ALv8QLH+AK0hgO7igO0kQOPlwO2mAPDnQMA

Kevin’s Clockwork Card Dealer Brawl Deck: AAECAYO6AgbCBqIJ5/oC8fsC0pkDg6ADDIoBtAHEAdMB7QLeBeEHhgnA7AKvkQPCmQOgngMA

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