#34 – Hooktusks & Heists with Mageadeath!

Hearthstone streamer Mageadeath fills in for a sick Kevin Ellis to talk with Brian about Hooktusk Rogue, this week’s Brawl, and a few final words on The Dalaran Heist!

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Decks mentioned in today’s show:
Brian’s Wild Mech Shaman- AAEBAZu1AwTrzwKh+AKggAOftwMN9QSTCdQP1Q+EEN8WpfUCmPsC9v0CiYADjIADkoADi4UDAA==

Kevin’s Hooktusk Rogue- AAECAYO6AgavBIgHoIAD1owDkpcDn7cDDLQBzQPdCMf4Avb9Aqr/At6CA7SRA4+XA5CXA/uaA/6aAwA=

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