#8 – Buckets of Fish

Kevin gives some pointers on how to conquer Hagatha in the Monster Hunt’s final challenge! You’ll also hear about the Hearthstone dev team’s latest Arena blog post, Quest Priest, and the new Gone Fishin’ Tavern Brawl.

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Deck Strings for decks mentioned on today’s show-
Kevin’s Quest Priest Deck: AAECAa0GCAjFBO0F0wqWxAKJzQKQ0wLD6gIL+wHDwQLRwQLVwQLJxwLwzwLo0AKp4gLL5gLq5gLF8wIA
Brian’s Even Shaman Deck: AAECAfe5AgggmQL+BfPCAsLOAvbsAqfuAs30Agu9AdMB2QfwB7EIkcECrMICm8sClugClO8CsPACAA==

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